2013-online-gaming2013 will be a very important year for online gaming as the industry continues to evolve in terms of both technology and infrastructure.

Mobile gaming really took off in 2012 and we can expect it to continue its rapid growth throughout and beyond 2013. It will be assisted be several technology developments particularly in the launch of the next generation of mobile devices and the roll out of 4G mobile networks.

4G is expected to make a big improvement to mobile gaming, and it will provide high speed mobile broadband to rural areas that currently cannot or can hardly access 3G. No doubt there will be some teething problems, but these should get ironed out quickly. There’s nothing worse that the connection going in the middle of anything, be it a Skype call or a round of slots.

New hardware will certainly include the next iPhone enhancement and it remains to be seen whether this will be an evolutionary or a revolutionary upgrade; though we anticipate the former. Android phones will get bigger displays and faster processors, and the Windows 8 phone may or may not succeed in a big way. There is even talk of a new Blackberry for the consumer market. The number of tablet models will also proliferate with improvements to both high end and low end devices. Many game providers are already investing in developing games for the tablet market, including many online casinos. Play here if you want to have a look at what games are on offer.
In terms of infrastructure there will be a huge paradigm shift in the gambling laws in much of Europe as several member states review their gambling laws.

Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands are all undergoing a major review of their gambling regulations and there is every sign that they will be liberalised considerably. And although there has been an ongoing debate in the US for several years regarding the legality of the online casino, there are at least some signs that the opponents to legalisation are losing the argument. Should the US permit online gaming, then this will give a huge boost to the online gaming industry globally.