Poker is where it’s at. Some love to play the slots, or the feel of the dice on their hands, but the thing all real gamblers love is poker. But is it hard to find legal Texas Hold’em sites online?


Did a friend of a friend whose cousin’s aunts neighbor’s step-son recommend a casino where you can play some decent poker? Good for them, but you should find a list containing best poker websites for 2014.

Each and every one of these lists should, and probably does, include a wide array of statistics surrounding the poker site in question, as well as a few reviews. They might link you to the sites, but this is not always the case.

Don’t settle for just any old list. Surf the web a little. Research a bit. In fact, build your own list of casinos that will make you go " You know, I want to play Texas Hold’em there".

The important thing to remember is not to be caught up in the catchy names of casinos and outrageous promises of certain winnings. That’s not how it works. And if it is, it shouldn’t.

Be careful and make sure to check whether the casino is legitimate by looking up the certificate of authenticity. This, along with the list, is usually a good indicator of whether a casino is a fine one.

Being just a tiny smidge careful can take you a long way. Make sure your poker website of choice is a legitimate one.

So with the list in your possession, you are ready to choose your poker site. With the modern technology at everyone’s fingertips, you don’t have to surround yourself with people anymore to play a hand or two.

You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home. There is a huge number of online casinos tailored after you and your needs.

Want to play against people from another country? Do you wish instead to duke it out against the people of your own country? Done and done. You could potentially even set aside a budget  that will match the limit of your preferred table.

Time to play some poker online. So, what variation should you try out? Crazy Pineapple? Razz? Maybe some Five Card Draw?

No, no, my friend. What you want to play is the good old fashioned, go-for-broke old time classic known as the Texas Hold’em. It’s in the title, go figure.