After playing countless casino games over the period of 15 years and making many friends among the like-minded players, I’ve learned that there are two kinds of people:


  • The potential winners
    They are the people who study the bonuses and loyalty rewards and read casino reviews, and then choose the best online casino to play, like – which among other things happen to have an absolutely awesome jackpot, which someone has to win (hey, why not you).
  • The dream chasers
    This second kind believe that there’s a magic bullet, a hidden formula that makes it possible to win all the time. A strategy that would win every time does not exist, but the system that has endured more than any other is Martingale.

The Martingale Myth

The martingale myth can be summed up in one sentence: keep doubling and you’re sure to win.

In other words, if you’re playing roulette and you bet $1 on red (or black) and lose, next time you bet $2, and if you lose again, you bet $4 and you keep doubling until you win. The win covers all your previous losses and leaves you with a small amount of extra cash.

This sounds great – in theory. In real life, it indeed has the potential to give you plenty of small wins, with an occasional loss. The only problem is, when you lose you lose big because of the doubling. If you could keep doubling forever you’d be fine, but unfortunately one of the two things would happen first::

  • You run out of funds, or
  • You hit the table limit.

To put it simply, the belief that by increasing the amount you also increase your winning chances is a myth. What you’re doing is increasing the amount you can potentially win, while at the same time increasing the amount you can potentially lose, while your overall winning chances stay the same.

What makes Martingale sound attractive is that you’re winning most of the time. If you say win 5% of your gambling fund 95% of the time, this sounds terrific. But if it means losing your entire gambling fund 5% of the time, all of a sudden it does not sound so great.

In short: leave Martingale to others. Instead, do your math and go for the reliable and safe online casinos offering top games, welcome bonuses and loyalty rewards, and enjoy the best time of your life while going for the jackpot.