A party without a theme is as much fun as a group of a few people singing “For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow.” If you want a party that will be an “event” you need a unique theme. Unique in this case does not’t mean no one has ever done it, only that your friends haven’t.

Here are some tips for a unique adult party.

Party in History


A great idea for an unusual party is a Roaring 20s Costume Party. A time of flappers, bootleggers and speakeasies makes for a fun theme. Decorations are easy, cocktail napkins and tablecloths can be plain black and white mix and match. Cut outs of flappers, guns and posters of silent movies and gangsters such as Al Capone. Costumes can range from men’s zoot suits to lady’s flapper dresses. Be sure on invitations that you advise your guests that are expected to wear formal wear of the era.

Any “moonshine” will do. You can use jelly jars as glasses and decorate a rented keg to look like a real wooden barrel. Rip off the labels from your top-notch bottles of liquor so they look like "moonshine."

Make sure you toast the person celebrating their birthday early — otherwise you just might forget!

Music should be “big band” either CDs or a DJ will add to the fun!

Back to Your Roots


Another theme for a fun party is “back to your roots.” The idea is for each guest to bring a CD of the rock n roll music that influenced them most. This is fun for a gathering of all everyone regardless of the era they choose.

Decorating for this easy too. Some lava lamps, posters of Elvis, the Beatles and rockers from each decade will set the theme. When guests arrive give them love beads, rub off tattoos and maybe even a hair pic.

Drinks should be simple with plenty of soft drinks for the designated drivers and non-drinkers. Check with your party store for cups and plates with a Rock n Roll theme.

A champagne toast to the birthday celebrant is a nice touch.

Las Vegas Strip

No place in the United States is more glamorous than the Las Vegas strip. “Sin” city makes for a great adult party theme. Keep the theme a secret and your guests will be wowed when they enter your home.

Set up small tables in one room of your home covered in green felt. At each table have a different casino game – blackjack, poker, craps, roulette are some of the games your guests can try their luck at. As your friends come in give them play poker chips to play with. At the end of the evening award “winners” with prizes such as restaurant certificates or gift cards. Set up a few computers on one table where your guests can try their hand at electronic casino games such as Jackpotjoy bingo sites.

Everyone knows that you cannot walk ten steps on the Vegas Strip without encountering an Elvis Presley impersonator. It would be great fun to hire one to entertain your guests.

Just imagine "Elvis" crooning "Happy Birthday" to your guest of honor. Folks will be laughing as they offer a toast.

With a little imagination along with inexpensive decorations and entertainment, people will welcome their next invitation to a party that you throw.