Family Guy slots machine

Family Guy slots machine

Unibet odds online review: With a social media following of over 100 million eyeballs, The Seth MacFarlane creation, Family Guy, is a marketers dream. Software developers love a marketers dream and International Game Technology (IGT) is no different.

IGT has been in the business of designing gaming equipment, such as the slot machine, from as early as the 1980s. It clearly knows what it’s doing. A case rubberstamped with the decision to create a video slot machine based on the Family Guy franchise.

The game uses the main cast of the show to appear on the reels, and there are plenty of cut away scenes to keep the Family Guy fan amused and interested. Slot machine aficionados will be interested in the three bonus rounds starring: Stewie, Lois and Peter. The pint-sized, egg-headed Stewie’s game is called The World, and it is based on a series of side games where you help Stewie destroy parts of the world.

“Victory shall be mine!”

Lois’ game is called Lois’s Hot Spins where you see a naked Peter trying every trick in his repertoire to get his wife into bed.

“Alright that’s enough!”

The final bonus game centres on the on going saga between Peter and the human sized chicken: Peter versus Chicken. If you hit enough chicken symbols you get to battle the chicken for the chance of winning multipliers and special bonus cash prizes.

“I don’t trust giant chickens anymore!”

If you are a fan of Family Guy, and slot machines, then there really is no question about it, you truly have to play this game. It’s more centred on the fun rather than the depth of gameplay, but has enough to keep even the most serious of gambler interested.