mobile-gamesIt used to be really hard finding games that you could play for real money through your mobile device. The main to blame were of course Apple, which decided for the rest of us, as they usually do, what’s allowed and what’s not. So they didn’t allow gambling applications on their phone. They were followed by Google, which are slowly taking over the mobile market. It was no surprise that Google also established a no gambling policy for applications operating in their system. However, thanks to their developer’s environment, you can upload an app and even have it running for months before anybody noticed it’s not supposed to be there.

As a player, all this paternalist nonsense is overwhelming. Who are they to determine whether I can play a game for money or not? In other words – who died and made Apple and Google gods. This is why I was so happy when web real money games providers launched a mobile version as well. For example, with this site –, you can win money on mobile devices of all kinds.

There’re also the Facebook games, with most of them also available through mobile. If you look on games providers like ZyngaPoker or Slotomania, you can see that there are winds of change in the online gambling arena. The first is actually negotiating with Bwin about turning full on gambling and allowing players to withdrawal cash and not just use it as a virtual commodity.

At some point, these mobile providers will realize that people are not children and if we wish to spend our money on real money games through our mobile phones, we should be allowed to do so.