Although it is not been proven, but scientists say that it is possible to travel using time.  There are many online slot games that allow us to visualize the dream of travelling through time machine. Here are 3 best games that we picked out for you:

online casinos to travel through time

Time Machine: The Cryptologic online slot game is the most ancient and the simplest one. Dr.What is the main character and is seen taking a tour through time. He is seen as the natural symbol and gives the maximum line payment. The game shows Dr.What in an animated mode being moved via time, while the wormhole is the disperse symbol that takes up everything in the animation. The wormhole is shown sucking up everything while the other end of it is seen in different time. The other end of the wormhole discharges every sucked item. The player receives 15 complimentary spins if they have more than two wormholes in one reel.

A Switch in Time: The slot game is made by Rival gaming. The reels are set in three sets showing a different time phase. The 19th century is the first game in which you see a parchment, as well as sherry flasks, gas lights and compact watches.

The hourglass is the feral symbol, thus if you observe a girl symbol then you earn yourself free spins. In bonus round, players collect points which transfer them to prehistoric era. Mastodon, Saber tooth tiger, Tyrannosaurus Rex and the primeval man are the symbols while the girl in a prehistoric avatar is the bonus symbol. The players then shift towards future at someplace where they face symbols like space ships, radar panels, cities, aliens and etc. The gas cloud is the wild sign which takes them to the bonus round of cyber war.

The Curious Machine: The game is offered by the Bovada Casino which shows the characters of the game as inventors. The signs present the reel represents these characters known as Miles, Gizmo and General Traytor.

The dinosaur symbol triggers free spins while the time machine symbols activate the Travel through Time bonus. The game is fun to play and has great animations.