All things being equal, a game of Unibet betting roulette is the same across the world, right? Whether you’re playing at an online casino or in the four walls of a Las Vegas complex, each game will be identical, right? Wrong. In a broad sense every roulette game is the same because it follows the same premise and dynamics, but when you examine the structure of the game there is one instance where things are different.

Single zero and double zero roulette games are what you’ll commonly find in casinos across the world. Traditionally it used to be the case that European casinos would only have single zero games and North American casino would have the double zero version.

However, as the industry has progressed it’s now normal for both games to live inside casinos across the world, something which poses the tricky question to novice players: which one should they choose?

On first inspection it may seem as though there is little difference between the two. However, in reality things are a lot different. Single zero tables have a total of 37 numbers as opposed to 38 on a double zero board. This addition of an extra number shifts the true odds of hitting a number from 37:1 to 38:1.

However, the rules of each game state that when you correctly bet on a single number you receive a payout of 35:1 on your money. This discrepancy leads to a massive difference in your profits over a period of time. Indeed, when you look at the casino’s edge in a single zero game you’ll find it’s around 2.7%. In contrast, in a double zero game the casino’s advantage is 5.26%. Thus, in reality, you’re almost twice as much of an underdog in a double zero game of roulette than you are in a single.

Therefore, if you find yourself with the option of a single or a double then you shouldn’t hesitate to go with the single every time.