Aces are the only cards in blackjack which hold a double value. You will initially start off by using them as 11 which is their highest amount. Once you bust your total in the game though, the 11 can then be transferred to a 1 which allows you to start building once again towards 21.

Being dealt an Ace in your starting hand is a real advantage to you. It gives you a number of options and it almost like having two lives against the Maria dealer. More risk can be taken because you know that if it does go wrong and you bust, you can fall back on the Ace counting as 1 and not 11.

If you are faced with the rare situation of finding two Aces at the start of the game, you should split the cards to form two hands. Together there is not much value, however, once you split them, you have a very good chance of hitting a 10 in one of the hands which of course would give you 21. It does cost you an additional stake, but the odds are in your favour of breaking even at the very least. You would be very unlucky not to win with one of the new hands. If you are lucky and you win with both hands, it is double success.

Although you do have more freedom with an ace in your hand, it does not give you the licence to be careless. If you hit 18 or 19 and notice that the dealer has a low upcard, you should stick with your total. Some people get greedy and go in hunt of a better total, they then sometimes struggle to match their previous amount in their second attempt.