There’s no need to buy plane tickets to Monte Carlo or Vegas, when you can enter a real casino room via the Live Casino games offered by some online gaming sites. The room is real, the dealers and croupiers are real and best of all, the games!

When you enter a live casino room online, you can see via webcam the dealer and the table in front of you. You are also able to chat with the dealer and to place bets as at a real-life casino. Games on offer include Roulette, Blackjack, some variations of Poker, and Baccarat. Below is an example of play is taken from the Live Casino Roulette section of the EuroGrand website , but similar options are available on other online gaming sites.

Step from your living room right into the casino

The first thing you do when you enter the live Casino room is to choose a table. You can see information about the dealer or croupier, betting limits for that table, and how many other players are also playing now. Then as soon as the next bets are laid, you can join the action.

A word here about the dealers – they are hot! But these attractive young ladies (and an occasional guy dealer) are not just eye candy, they are trained and experienced professionals, equal to their counterparts in any real-life casino. A good dealer can add a lot to a game, so naturally the casino web sites are sure to hire only the best.

Placing bets is straightforward. You simply select some chips and place them where you wish on the table. You can then watch live video of the dealer and of the wheel as it is spinning. Your cash balance and winnings are always easily available onscreen. Some sites even save you the work of taking notes by showing a list of “hot” and “cold” numbers from previous spins. Everything you need to enjoy your Live Casino betting is at your fingertips.

What happens if you lose your internet connection? No worries – the Casino is real after all! It’s still there when you reconnect, and your winnings will always be preserved safely on the site.

Live Casino is an especially exciting and fun way to wager online. Give it a try – the dealers are waiting!