Casino gamesCasinos – no matter if they are online or land based – have a well established game variety. Slot machines are the most popular games of them all, with thousands of variants to be found both on casino floors and online operations, followed by card and table games, video poker and all the rest. This last category can include lottery type games like keno and bingo, and occasionally arcade and casual games. But the types most preferred by players are the first ones. Let’s take a good look at them and see why players like them.

1. Slot machines

Since their invention over a century ago slot machines have been insanely popular. Whenever a new casino opened in Las Vegas people were swarming to the slots floor, eager to try their luck on the games. They are also hugely popular online, with tens of developers offering thousands of versions to their players. Royal Vegas Online Casino alone has over 500+ browser-based casino games and hundreds more in its downloadable suite.

Slot machines are popular for three major reasons.

First of all, they are really easy to learn. Players have to insert a coin or otherwise fund the game, spin some reels and wait for them to stop at a favorable combination. With such a small effort – and some cash, of course – they have the chance to win big.

Second – and maybe the most important – is the wins. Slot machines have some of the most generous jackpots of all casino games. Sometimes life-changing amounts, these big wins are enough of a reason for people to love slot machined.

And the third reason is that they are entertaining with their flashing lights and colorful reels.

2. Card & table games

Way older than the slots, card games like blackjack or baccarat, and table games like roulette or craps, have been around for centuries. Some of them – like roulette – are popular because of their potential to pay out big. Others, like blackjack, are preferred by players because of their use of strategy and good chances to win a hand. Table games and card games attract thousands of players to casino floors, and thousands more to online casinos each day.

Royal Vegas casino has close to 50 browser-based table games and tens more in its downloadable casino suite.

3. Video poker

A very popular game, based on the rules of Five Card Draw poker, video poker is present in all casinos, and in other locations such as pubs, betting shops or even gas stations. It is considered one of the most profitable games in casinos, so it is preferred by many players.

Royal Vegas offers over 20 variants of video poker, versions like Deuces Wild or Jacks or Better, each with a different set of rules.