Wowin Solitaire

Posted by GoodGameGet On January - 5 - 2013

Wowin solitaire is a variation of Klondike. In given time you must stack up all 52 cards. Hurry up, the time is running out. 1. Controls:
– use your mouse to move cards,
– click on a card and hold the left mouse button to move it,
– click twice on a card to move it faster onto the foundation,

2. How to play:
– Build the foundations up in suit from Ace to King,
– The tableau piles can be built down by alternate colors,
– An empty pile can be filled with every card or pile of cards,

3. Bonuses:
– the faster you build the foundations up, the more bonus points you get, – the fewer moves you make to finish, the more points you get

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